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Telecom Products

Puf Panel Shelters PUF Panel shelters enclosers and cabinets that houses and protects sophisticated and costly communication equlpments/modules are Just as important as the equlprnents or modules itself. The function of a Shelter is to protect the equipment required for GSM/CDMA network from the harsh outside environment. Although most of these shelters look the same, their design may vary according to the environmental conditions prevailing in a given region. We supply customize best in class PUF Panel Shelters for Telecom Sector.

Battery Bank Cabinets Battery stands are used to reduce the footprint of the battery bank in an enclosed space or battery room. They are used for different types of batteries including vented, semi-sealed batteries and batteries. We supply in various types of materials including laminated pine, meranti, steel and polywood (plastic). During manufacturing of these stands consideration must be taken with regard to weight, size and magnitude of the battery banks that these stands must support. Structural integrity of the battery stand is of paramount importance.

Indoor Omni Antennas Indoor omni-directional antenna operates in the 2.4-2.5 GHz band and provides 8dBi omni-directional operation, which largely extends the wireless range and delivers much better wireless performance. The antenna offers the RP-SMA Female connector guaranteeing wider compatibility with most of the wireless equipments.

Indoor Patch Antennas A patch antenna is a wafer-like directional antenna suitable for covering single-floor small offices, small stores and other indoor locations where access points cannot be placed centrally. Patch antennas produce hemispherical coverage, spreading away from the mount point at a width of 30 to 180 degrees.

Indoor Yagi Antennas Monitoring 700 and 800 MHz trunked digital and analog public safety radio systems can be very challenging when you are either too far from the system and signals are weak or, alternatively, when you have too much signal from multiple simulcast transmitter sites that are transmitting the same signals on the exact same frequencies (or even different nearby frequencies). With this 13db high-gain directional "Yagi" antenna you can aim the antenna in the direction of one transmitter and increase signal strength from that transmitter very significantly. This will pull in many distant stations and it will also focus reception from a single transmitter when you are faced with the interfering effects of a multi-site public safety system.

Cable Tray Systems We offers one of the widest ranges of cable tray available in the market today. With unmatched quality and service, we offer a variety of styles, materials and finishes available to support virtually any commercial and industrial cable support application need. We provide Ladder Cable Tray systems in a wide variety of materials and finishes, bottom types, and strength requirements with unmatched accessory packages.

Telecom Tower Since the incorporation of our organization, we are offering Telecommunication Tower to our clients. It is self supporting and used for improving signal strength of mobile devices. It has end to end.

Roof Top Telecom Tower Our company is highly rated in offering Roof Top Telecom Tower to the clients. C Roof Top TelecomTower is manufactured by professionals using quality.

Passive Coupler Coupler is a device that can distribute the optical signal (power) from one fiber among two or more fibers. Coupler canalsocombine the optical signal from two or more fibers into a single fiber. Couplers attenuate the signal much more than aconnector or splice because the input signal is divided among the output ports. For example, with a 1 X 2 coupler, each output is less than one-half the power of the input signal (over a 3 dB loss).

Passive Splitters Passive Splitters are available in plastic and in metal with a fully encapsulated housing. They are characterised by their excellent design, which enables their perfect integration into systems and machines. They can be flexibly mounted to all standard profiles and baseplates using the central and additional lateral fixation holes.

Passive Combiner Combiner is designed for cost effective antenna sharing solution for outdoor and indoor applications. The combiner is customized to combine specific frequency spectrums without incurring high insertion loss compared with using conventional couplers and power dividers. This allows Operators to integrate their frequencies into a common antenna system with greater ease and efficiency. Comba provide wide range of combiner product includes diplexer, triplexer, and quad-band combiner for 2G /3G /LTE system.

Dummy Load A dummy load is used to simulate an electrical load, usually for testing purposes. In radio adummy antenna is connected to the output of a radio transmitter and electrically simulates an antenna, to allow the transmitter to be adjusted and tested without radiating radio waves. In audio systems a dummy load is connected to the output of an amplifier to electrically simulate a loudspeaker, allowing the amplifier to be tested without producing sound. Load banks are connected to electrical power supplies to simulate the supply's intended electrical load for testing purposes.

Solar Structures We are committed to building and providing the best of the Solar Structures in accordance with the specification laid out by the clients. The raw materials being used for the fabrication of these solar panel mountings are M.S. profile sections, Aluminium sections & pipes. This has recessed lip on solar thermal panel frame for standard fastener with required specification. A team of experts at work has rich experience in this domain and caters to the precise requirements of the customers.

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